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Opening of the Heart Meditation

Every 11th of the month

at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET

Join us online. We use the zoom platform.

Brought to you by the Shambhala Trust


Our delighful retreats are carefully created for you

Soul Discovery Retreat

Running in Glastonbury, UK at the dates that we decide together. Contact us now.

Unbox Your Heart Retreat

Seville, Spain

  • October 20 to 22

I Am the Ocean, I Am the Mountain Retreat

Bolonia Beach, Cádiz, Spain

  • October 27 to 29


Made with Heart and Wisdom to entice your learning

Unbox Your Heart

Kosice, Slovakia

  • September 3

Glastonbury, UK 

  • September 16
  • September 23


Unbox Your Inner Peace

Glastonbury, UK

  • September 17
  • September 24


Speaking from my Heart to Inspire Conscious Leadership

Phenomeal Woman Show

Hollywood, LA, California, US

  • October 8


    Whole Life Activation Summit & Award

    London, UK

    • November 10












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