If you are hearing the call, if you feel the resonance of this message, this is for you.

Many hear the calling of the land of Glastonbury, the Heart chakra of the world,

the Sacred Centre of the Earth.

“Shambhala is the Heart of Hearts, a resting place for the weary of Soul, Spirit and Body,

a Healing Centre, a Place of Joy where all Hearts meet and mend.

All Sacred Meetings Points of the Earth link into the centre and become ONE.” – Isis Livingstone

The Teachings of Isis Livingstone (Isis Beloved)

“The Teachings of Isis from Ancient Egypt so long ago are being offered again and people are coming from all over the world to experience how to live in Joy. When you enter Shambhala you enter another world of Peace, Compassion, Laughter, Love and Gratitude. Every step takes us more and more into Paradise.

Life can be lived in one of two ways: in Fear and Anxiety or in Joy. But only through Joy can life be enriched beyond measure. Many have forgotten what Joy is like and often carry the scars of abuse, mistreatment, abandonment, and rejection. We are asked to think and not to feel. We have forgotten who we are. We offer more than a helping hand; we offer you a way of life, creating your own Joy and Happiness. The key is to fully open your Heart, the Centre of Trust and the Fountain of Joy!”

Isis Livingstone (Isis Beloved) Founder of the Shambhala Trust

The Retreat

This retreat is an intimate encounter with your True Essence. I only take one or two people who know each other, at a time. You will bathe in the energies of the area, you will have the space you need to heal and reaise in Consciousness.


What is included?

– Two nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals included

– Opening of the Heart meditation each morning

– Healing of the Heart

– Clearing of karma, bondings and outdated contracts

– Calling your Soul Home

– Meeting your Guide(s) -if required-

– Coaching, Mentoring and Conscious Teachings during your stay, allowing what comes, healing what is required in every moment


The purpose of the retreat is to give you a space and the tools to realign with your Soul. The frequency of the space is very high and healing will take place, consciousness will increase and life changes may occur as a result.




We start each day with the Heart Meditation, which we offer you as a gift when you arrive.

We have all experienced pain in own Hearts and this can be seen as loneliness. Unless we are connected to Spirit, this loneliness will always be there, for that is what loneliness is. We long for this connection and the Joy that it brings but so few know how to find it.

Listen to the Meditation Now


The experience of Shambhala happens through your own Heart, clearing up shock and trauma from birth to today in a gentle, loving way.

All can be remembered and released and your Heart will be free. There is a feeling of becoming who you truly are and you can begin to live pure Joy.


This is the most powerful method there is to access the lives you have not released, resolved or remembered. Deep seated emotional and mental stresses are dissolved and patterns unravelled. Painful memories that affect you today can be dissolved. Threads and bindings are released and a wonderful sense of freedom experienced.

As your Essence reconnects it brings the deepest Joy as you embrace your Spirit.


Since the end of Atlantis everyone’s Soul has been disconnected from their Heart as the Earth’s energies became denser and we forgot who we were.

The Soul’s Home is in the Heart and it is at present on top of your Head (often called the Higher Self). The Chakras are part of the Soul.

To bring the Soul home your Heart has to open to the Level of Light. Everyone has a Golden Flower in the centre of the Heart, with twelve petals but the full activation is 144 petals, the Level of Light and Joy.

Every Level has a Divine Quality and each one must be fully embodied. Grace, Compassion, Vision…

Then your Soul can start its journey home to the Heart and you will become a complete Human Being again.


Everyone has a Guide and two Angels who are with you all your life. Before you were born you made a plan for your life and wrote it on a scroll. Your Guide has this scroll in their care and you can access this through them. Why did you come here? What tasks have you set yourself? What lessons can be learnt? This will give you direction in your life. Your Guide knows you well and has been with you many, many times. Sometimes we need comfort and reassurance and a feeling of being cherished. Your Guide gives all of this and so much more.

A few things to know before you come

Please be aware that the retreat will be intensive

  • no smoking, drugs or alcohol allowed
  • only vegetarian or vegan foods will be allowed
  • no TV, no work
  • we will be sharing a small sacred space and respect and quietness is expected at all times
  • once you email me with your interest, I will contact you and we will have a conversation to see whether we can work together and for me to know if I can work with you and whether this intensive retreat will be suitable. I will answer any queries you may have
  • food and drink will be supplied and you will have everything you need, this is so you don´t need to go out during the time together. Tell me of your dietary preferences and any food allergies before you come. Ideally, the energies will need to be contained for the whole time
  • the retreat goes from a Friday late afternoon to Sunday evening
  • once we speak, we will agree on suitable dates for both parties
  • after the payment is settled, your booking will be confirmed and the healing and the transformation will start straight away… this is more than just a weekend
  • I work with the energies of Isis, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, the Archangels and other Divine and Benevolent Being of Light
  • You will have access to a wide selection of Spiritual and Consciousness books, a private Sanctuary, a Temple, the Garden. There are many Crystals and Sacred Images and Pictures.

I work with the techniques that my Master Teacher Isis Livingstone (Isis Beloved) passed on to me. These are Heart based healing techniques that with Love and Kindness will Open and Heal your Heart.

As Isis showed us, “The Key is to fully open your Heart, the Centre of Trust and the Fountain of Joy!”.


The schedule below is for guidance mainly. We will be flexible in the way we work and we will listen to Spirit and use the intuition to discern what is needed in each moment throughout our time together. 


4pm – 6pm: Arrival, greetings, show you around, retreat rules, cup of tea, get comfortable.
6pm – 7pm: Orientation session. Opening of the Heart meditation.
7pm – 8.30pm: Cooking dinner together, conscious and mindful eating.
8.30pm – 9.30pm: Healing session: Meeting your Guide.
9.30: Relaxing into the night, journalling, go to sleep.


8am – 9am: Opening of the Heart Meditation.
9am – 10am: Breakfast
10am – 11am: Healing session: Healing of the Heart, Superconscious for the Breath
11am – 1pm: Rest after the healing, journalling the experience.
1pm – 3pm: Cook lunch, eat, conscious and mindful lunch.
3pm – 5pm: Mindful walk up the Tor. Set intentions and goals.
5pm – 6pm: Time alone to rest and journal.
6pm – 7pm: Superconscious Technique to clear karma. Time alone to rest and journal.
7pm – 9pm: Cooking dinner together, conscious mindful eating.
9pm – 10pm: Relaxing into the night, Coaching & Mentoring if needed.


8am – 9am: Opening of the Heart Meditation.
9am – 10am: Breakfast
10am – 11am: Healing session: Calling your Soul Home
11am – 1pm: Rest after the healing, journalling the experience.
1pm – 3pm: Cook lunch, eat, conscious and mindful lunch.
3pm – 5pm: Final Healing session. Time alone to rest and journal.
5pm – 6pm: Retreat ends. Guidelines for an easy adjustment back to the world.


During our time together, while cooking, walking up the Tor, we will continue talking, healing, I will be coaching and mentoring you, accompanying you through your processes.


The times are only as guidelines as we will be accommodating whatever comes up to be healed and looked at as we go along.


All the healing sessions will be completed, even if not on schedule.

Price and how to book

Accommodation, all meals and all healings are included. I will be working for you 24/7 as I will be holding the sacred energies of the place in between sessions, clearing all what is released and maintaining the balance. For all inclusive, the price per person per retreat is 300 GBP. 

Upon deciding we can work together after the initial conversation, I will send you the account details for you to make the payment. Please send me screenshot of the payment. Upon receipt of it, the healing will start, even if booked months in advanced.

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