Conversations with Joy with Moni Rodríguez – Conscious Leadership

The C.A.B. to Conscious Leadership – What is Consciousness? – From the Global Consciousness Summit 2017

El ABC del Liderazgo Consciente – ¿Qué es la Conciencia? – De la Cumbre Global de Conciencia 2017

Women, Business & Spirituality – Women Economic Forum (WEB) 2017


Videos for on learning from every day experiences.

A collection of articles and videos full of spiritual and emotional guidance.

1 : Keys to Happiness

In this exclusive video produced for Success4 by No1 international bestselling author Gema Ramirez, find out how to “Keep Choosing Happiness”. Drawing on the famous book “The Man In Search Of Meaning” Gema looks into what it takes to become happy and how that power is with you.

2 : Planning versus Living in the Flow

In this exclusive video to Success4, No1 bestselling author Gema Ramirez talks you about balancing your life between planning and living in the flow.

3 : Paradigms and Open Hearts

In this weeks video, No1 Best Selling author speaks about the paradigm shift in women and conscious leadership. The Empire of the future will be all that you can image and more, each person will be their own personal brand.

Each of us represents a different archetype of the woman today. But all of us, have one thing in common. We are doing this in order to contribute to the paradigm shift that is hapenning in our world today.
This paradigm shift is a change in consciousness, a shift in consciousness.
We are transforming as species into a better version of ourselves.
We are in constant evolution, but now the transformation is faster becasue of the negative effect that being stuck in the current ways is creating in the planet

4 : Are you Ready to Trust in You?

Gema Ramirez is the creator of WOMEN5.0 and author of Love Unboxed. In this series exclusive to Success4, you will find spiritual and emotional healing and guidance. Gema is leading a movement and shift to a new paradigm with Women 5.0.

5 : Shining a Light

Often as a coach you are there to shine a light for your clients. Gema Ramirez is the creator of ‘The Conscious Academy’ & co creator of Women 5.0. In this exclusive video to Success4, Gema talks about how a chance meeting highlighted how as a coach she is there to shine and light up the way for her clients.


Video collection of short lessons from every day situations where the listener is guided to choose what makes them happy.