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PEACE be with you, all my dear ones…

Go within… feel the presence of that precious you once were and who still lives inside of you… acknowledge him or her as a Holy Being, God/Goddess itself… love it as much as you love your own children…

Heal your inner child… forgive… forget… appreciate… play..

.- Gema Ramirez –

Song for the Inner Child – Shaina Noll



God/Goddess speaks through Poetry… reflecting what and who you are… our Spiritual Masters reflect what we see in them… when we see human, they will be human, reflecting back our own flaws and fears… when we become godly inside, we see God in them.

They see through us like mothers see through their children. Their love is unconditional and eternal, but never pleasing to the ego. Their love makes your Soul evolve and your human nature Thrive and Flourish.

Masters answer your call and come when your Heart calls for them. If they open their Homes to you, consider yourself blessed by the most honourable gift that the Universe can give. Bless it, Love it, Honour it, Surrender to it, Trust it.

 Gema Ramirez 


To live consciously is say hello to your Heart as you wake up each morning… it´s hug and feel your Heart as the most precious treasure… it´s feel how it feels and what emotions it is holding… it´s to take responsibility of your feelings and change your inner state when you notice a negative emotion, so that it does affect you or other people… and start each day from your Open and Healed Heart, full of good Intentions.

This is a fundamental piece of Conscious Leadership.

– Gema Ramirez –


A powerful tool for stop letting the past keep hurting you. Forgiveness when done from the Heart, is for the benefit of the person who forgives, to let go of the bondage to the pain, to the offender, to allow freedom. Learning to forgive is learning to Love one self.

Who can you forgive today?

What can you release with this forgiveness?

Have your forgiven yourself?

– Gema Ramirez –


Always let Joy flow from your Heart. If you cut off the Joy by entering others sorrows then you are not helping them. Share your compassion with everyone, and send them Love and Joy rather than entering into their pain and sorrow.
They will feel your Joy and take strength from you and the spark of Joy from your Heart will re-kindle their flame of happiness.
Joy is always there to share.


The eternal bound of teacher and student, were roles intertwine, mingle and mix as they are partners, parents, friends, teachers to each other as they become One and the same.

 Gema Ramirez 


Tenderness in the touch of a wo/man towards other living beings, that’s the real definition of sexy.

 Gema Ramirez 


What is that loud voice in your head telling you that you cannot do it?

What are the reasons the voice is telling you that you will fail?

This loud voice is your ego… ego teams up with memory and your inner survival instincts to do their job: prevent you from falling, protect you from making a fool of yourself, stopping you from being ridiculed…

This voice is your friend… hear it, evaluate what they tell you with the wisdom of your Heart… then let the the Heart lead the way and act accordingly. Then, you will never fail.

Learning to live your life by the callings of your Heart, using your mind as a tool for discernment, is the wisest things you can do to lead a Conscious, Fulfilled and Joyful life.   Gema Ramirez 


We are alive and as such, changing like the weather changes, like the wind, like the sun, like the temperature… we are in constant evolution whether we are conscious of it or not… and as we change, our relationships change.

It is impossible to stay in the same level of connection with someone all the time… they change, we change… like it is impossible to keep a wave from rising and dissolving at the shore…

That does not mean relationships that change have to end… it simply means that they change and we reach a different frequency of vibration… it simply means a new wave is created, stronger or not, more beautiful or not…

If we flow in our relationships with the intensity that the have in each moment, with detachment and focussed on our purpose and our mission, we would be happier and more content.

FREEDOM is the basis of a happy existence and the ´price to pay´for FREEDOM is the uncertainty of what each moment brings…

…and that, to me, is the BEAUTY of life.

 Gema Ramirez 


“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” – Orson Wells –

I do not totally agree totally with this quote… This is my insight:

We are all interconnected in the quantum field of Oneness… it’s not that we create the illusion that we are not alone when we connect to others, I differ… it’s in those moments of connection with others that we REMEMBER we are not alone, and remember that connection with each other and the Divine. It is the dichotomy of God… connected in our aloneness… alone in our connection

Loneliness is the illusion of separation… we are never alone… the everlasting, eternal presence of our True Divine Nature is always present.

And this Presence can be felt in the Silence of our Solitude and in the instant Heart Felt connection with another LOVING Being.


– Gema Ramirez –


The secret of secrets has always been deep in your Heart and you have the key to the door you have closed to Joy. Are you ready to open it? Are you ready to be filled full of wonder and be free? To build a new world, the Heart must be fully open. The vision strong and the imagination active. We can feel our way forward through the Heart with deep Love and begin to access the Joy that we are. There is a feeling of wanting to sing and dance and to move. Constantly move forward in Joy!



We are breaking the concepts of illusion and separation. We are one and the so called twin flame relationship is the acknowledgement that you and your beloved are one. The connection may not physical, in fact, in true beloved connections it will not be, we are going beyond the earthly paradimg and the union with the beloved is one of resonance, of spiritual connection, of divine union. Only a few understand this and many are still waiting for the perfect man to arrive on the white horse or the beauty queen to take his breath away…. but they are missing the point… the beloved relationship is not physical, it does not comply with the makings of the matrix, it goes beyond comprehension of the mind and you will only find it in your own open Heart

 Gema Ramirez 


Raising Consciousness is a task of the Heart, it is done from Love and Compassion, understanding where each person is at and giving each what they need to hear in the form that is better for them. – Gema Ramirez –


…is found in the most simple things.

 – Gema Ramirez –


Kindness is the only way forward… Love and Compassion are the tools that can save any situation.

When we feel judged, it is our mind who is judging.
When we feel rejected, it is our inner child who feels rejected.
When we feel alone, it is our inner victim who feels abandoned.
When we feel… , it is us who feel…

Whatever we feel towards others is a pure reflection of who we are inside, of what we may need to look at inside of ourselves to heal our pain, if so we choose.

When we treat ourselves with the Love and Compassion we want to give others… first… we then emanate that Love and Compassion and see only Love and Compassion from others.

– Gema Ramirez –


There is no evil… there are levels of unconsciousness.

As we wake up, becoming more self aware and aware of others, as we raise in Consciousness, we embrace Love, Empathy, Compassion… that ultimately leads to Inner Peace.

Once everyone has awaken, once everyone has found Inner Peace, then World Peace will Be.

To change the World, just become more Conscious.

– Gema Ramirez –



What is it that takes the Joy away from your life? Is it a person, a situation or a circumstance? Find the source of discontentment and change the image. Change the feeling of your Dream. By being the Creator of the Dream we shape reality by being a positive influence on the future. Your thoughts and feelings count and bring Joy to the Earth. Don`t blame that person, situation or circumstance any longer.

Be Joy and walk in Joy now and forever.

– Isis Livingstone –


When doubt comes to visit… when visions are unclear and the path is lost… our Hearts reminds us of the Beauty of our Spirit so that we remember once more the Eternal Existence in Oneness of our Soul’s Consciousness.

– Gema Ramirez –


Listening, Empowering, Inspiring Greatness, Seeing and Believing in them = that’s LOVE


Children always return to their parents when they are in trouble… no matter how old they are, for they know their parents will have the answers and the love they need.

Likewise, Man is returning tu Nature, our Mother, for answers and support. And She will be there for us, with the Unconditional Love of a Mother, never even remembering the damage we have done to Her with because She knows we have been unconscious and deep down we are Love… the same as Her.

In Oneness there is no judgment of the other as we acknowledge we are the same Source. – Gema Ramirez –


Every moment is a special moment… some people save their best dresses, jewels, shoes for that special occasion… some wait too long and they wear that special dress for their own funerals.

Enjoy life and everything it has blessed you with.

– Gema Ramirez –


Like the Ocean, make your waves Beautiful, Inspirational,

Calming and Impactful on other people.

– Gema Ramirez –


Self-protection is an intrinsic part of self-love 

It is compassionate to give, to heal others, to be of service… yet sometimes we give too much and feel drained, or we just need space to be alone and recharge (those of you who are empaths know what I mean).

Give yourself permission to protect your energy field. Nobody has the right to take your energy without your permission, or to vomit anger or any other negative emotion without your permission, yet people, mostly out of ignorance on how energy works, do it all the time. How many times you have answered the phone just to hear the other person blasting all their undiluted negatives emotions on you? Without asking if it´s ok for them to share, if you are ok first… This is physic attach, emotional rape and if you are feeling vulnerable, it can leave you totally drained.

It is our responsibility to:
1. protect our energetic field
2. educate others on how energy works
3. educate others on the effects of our energetic projection on other people, on themselves, on the environment and ultimately on the Universe.

– Gema Ramirez –


Are you ready to give yourself the biggest gift of SELF-LOVE and forgive yourself? Forgive yourself for any bad thought you´ve ever had, for any feeling you consider wrong, for neglecting yourself or others, for … you name it!

Sometimes, you are your worst enemy and your battles you fight each day are only in your head, fruit of an active imagination. Most bad things we imagine will happen, won´t happen… yet we suffer the same.

Let it all go… all of it… all the buts, all the maybes, all the perhaps, all the minor details and all the excuses.

LET IT ALL GO and FORGIVE yourself each and every moment.

– Gema Ramirez –


Light is all there is.

They say Light comes from Dark because where there is darkness, Light manifests itself from nothing to transmute dark.

Darkness calls upon the Light to be transmuted… Light needs nothing.

– Gema Ramirez –


When sadness, sorrow, pain, anger comes and visit you… find someone to SERVE.

When you feel lonely, isolated, alone, hopeless… find someone to SERVE.

When everyone has left, when all that remains is you… find someone to SERVE.

When the battles with ego makes you want to die… go back to your Heart and then… find someone to SERVE.

The attitude of SERVICE is the EXCELLENCE of the Heart.

By Serving others, we Serve ourselves, as we ONE.

– Gema Ramirez –

Looking for the goodness in all people, is looking for the goodness within.

– Gema Ramirez –


Our Light and Our Shadow are ONE.

Our task is to learn to Love them both and know that there is no one without the other.

Light comes from Darkness. Darkness makes the Light evident. Light is all there is. Darkness is the absence of Light.

I AM Light and I Love my Shadow Side because without it I would not be able to see the Light I AM.

– Gema Ramirez –


My Beloved planet Earth… I watch in adoration the Magnificence of your Beauty… I love you… I heal you… May my prayers, my love and my healing reach every crave and every corner of your Vastness… May the Immensity of your Grandeur matches the Intensity of my Devotion for you.

– Gema Ramirez –


When we decide to release anger, even if it´s hidden away in any other form, we embrace our Soul´s desire to play big.

Also, when we start the path of healing the Soul, anger is inevitably released… there is no healing of the Soul without the transmutation of anger and hatraged into Peace and Strength.

The raising of Consciousness is the releasing of deep stuck emotions.

– Gema Ramirez –


Most of the time the destination of our live´s learning experiences when it really is where evreything starts. Only when we learn to LOVE ourselves we can truly LOVE another. Only when we learn to listen to ourselves we can truly listen to another.

Only when we learn to look after ourselves, we can truly look after another.

It all starts when SELF-LOVE starts.

– Gema Ramirez –


Your Heart`s desires are meant to be met, they are not illusions or dreams that you can`t access. That includes meeting your Beloved, the true partner of your Heart. All of your guides and helpers are trying to make your dreams come true. That is why there are coincidences that are not coincidences.

Some people will help you on your path but with others you are tested to love them despite themselves. Everything has value on this journey. Every single detail is worth your attention. Don`t dismiss it, don`t dismiss a day, go over it in your Mind and Heart for the small details. For they add up to be much greater experiences. And above all stay in your Joy!


– Isis Livingstone –