Perhaps the most important task you brought to this planet was to work with others, to heal with compassion, faith and knowledge to ease their pain and suffering. And above all, to empower them by reminding them that they too are healers with the same abilities as you.

The world is changing. Consciousness is raising and more and more people are becoming who they truly are. It has never been more important to step forward and allow your healing to expand, not just for yourself and your loved ones but for everyone. Perhaps you have forgotten how you can send energy to any situation or circumstance. You can gather the energy of your Heart and direct it with great effect and greatest good.

Now is the time to explore the many levels of your Heart. To be the Healer you have always wanted to be, with a touch, a word or a hug.


This is a wonderful experience that I use myself. It is not written but passed to you energetically by Kwan Yin herself. It explores the magnificence of the Heart. Kwan Yin will channel this through your course leader. It will change your life.


This is a Fifth Dimensional modality that works entirely through your own heart, which is magnified one thousand times.

You can release all your karma in one day. After twelve days practice you can become the teacher or continue to heal yourself and send absent healing to others and our beloved planet.

A totally brilliant and loving experience.

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What can I expect?

Magnified Healing® is a simple practice associated with Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, to establish a constant flow of energy through your heart, body, the Earth, and the Source.  The healer uses her hands either side of your body, starting at the top of your head, and slowly bringing them down the body, healing and balancing each spiritual centre.  Healing takes place on your nervous system, your spine and your entire being with great effect.  This beautiful energy creates a peaceful, calming feeling, and you feel uplifted and truly connected on all levels.  A pulsing or tingling sensation can be felt and there is an increased sense of well-being with less stress and pain.  Using the breath, sound and movement, you are actively and consciously part of this process.  The healer is merely a facilitator, allowing you to continue on your own healing path.

In most Vibrational Healing methods, which are the healing techniques of the future, the healing is channelled and directed through the healer.  But in Magnified Healing® the energy comes from the magnification of the energy of your own heart as you connect to the Source.

How can I learn this?

You can learn Magnified Healing® in one day.  Through a series of beautiful exercises, you will learn how to heal the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and the spiritual bodies.  Using Sacred Geometry, Breathing and Affirmations, you will find your heart opens into greater experiences of love, and the healing energy in your hands is increased.  At the end of the day, there is a Beautiful, Sacred Initiation, which is really an Ascension Initiation.  Not only is this the greatest blessing that you can give yourself, but it is also a priceless gift to give to everyone you know.  After practising a simple 15-minute process for 12 days, you will be able to teach Magnified Healing® to your family and friends.

How did it start?

This Ancient Healing method began on Earth in 1983, and was previously only used in the Higher Dimensions by the Ascended Masters.  In 1992, under the inspiration and direction of Lady Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing® was brought forth for the spiritual advancement of us all.  Lady Master Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and directs the healing activities on our planet, particularly for mothers and children.

She says that this healing method will erase all Karma, and release all mis-qualified energies and lack of love.  She will be present with you, using this technique, releasing and forgiving so that you will receive Grace.

Who is Kwan Yin?

Kwan Yin is a gentle Buddhist Deity who refused to enter Paradise because she heard the cries of suffering of Humanity.  She vowed to save the soul of everyone on Earth, turning her back on none.

Lotus flowers are blooming on statues of Kwan Yin in India, China and Japan, and are believed to bloom only when a momentous event is about to happen.  Buddhist monks are keeping a prayer vigil at this time at the statues, waiting for the event that will change our future forever.