Heal in Silence like the Masters!

Beyond words this is where profound miracles happen and the impossible becomes possible.

This is the only healing method that offers transplants.

It truly surpasses all others and is a JOY to give and receive.




“I was so thrilled to discover Magnified Healing several years ago. The magnification of my own heart created such power and joy that I couldn’t stop smiling. When I was younger, I so wanted to help people in pain but never felt I could step forward other than to hold their hand. Since I have been practicing Magnified Healing Third Phase, I have found that I can always step forward to assist, to comfort, to nurture and to heal. I also love the simplicity of this method for unlike the First Phase, this one is done in silence.

You simply raise your hands to shoulder level, whether sitting or standing, and allow energies to flow from your Hands, your Heart, Third Eye and Crown. There is a reverence to it. It is a delight to give, and such joy comes as the results happen.

I am very passionate about this, and like everything good that I discover, I want to share it immediately. And I would like to share this with you. It takes the First Phase Healing to an unbelievably high Cosmic Level. It truly works and it makes you come alive. Also, perhaps you may realise that in the past, in the Temples of Old in Egypt, you knew how to work this way as a Master Healer. You can create this again.

Please come and experience this for yourself. You are now ready to take the next step, and a magnificent step it is, as you personally receive a physical initiation from Lord Melchizedek, Creator of Worlds.

Never before has it been more important to come from a place of unconditional love, joy and abundance. At a time of confusion and chaos, misery and pain, we can lift ourselves and others into a space to build the New World. At a time of great change, many become fearful and confused. Nothing seems to hold the security it did. It is as if everything that was known and seemed so stable no longer is that way. Master Healers are needed now! You are needed now.

So please hear these words, for we are offering classes during 2017. You are eligible as you have taken the Kwan Yin First Phase Magnified Healing Course, and whether you have continued the practice, or whether you teach is of no importance at this point, for I am speaking to your heart now, to complete this journey, which is so easily done and so joyfully experienced.

Miracles are being created! As your next step into Consciousness and Spiritual Growth I could not recommend a more wonderful way than this.

I came to this Planet to create joy and I feel you did too. Our healing ability gives great Joy for it can affect a pet, a friend, our family, our greater world family and our Beloved Planet. Let’s do it together!

So much Joy and Love,

Isis Beloved (Isis Livingstone)”

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