Study long term with the Consciousness Academy and choose your professional qualification:

– Professional Coach Certification

– Wellness Practitioner Certification

– Facilitator of the ´Unbox your Greatness´program

– Quantum Shift Practitioner program


Become a Professional Certified Coach with us. Gain a double qualification, Personal, Executive and Organisational Coach. Learn key skills for any Leader today, whether you work in the corporate world, have your own business of any kind or are thinking of work as a Coach, this course will give you everything you need to get started.

It is unique in its kind as it gives you Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Conscious Leadership skills.

The course is online with extensive support from your teacher.

10 Modules


This program is designed for those who desire to incorporate the UNBOX YOUR GREATNESS courses to their portfolio of training or coaching programs. 


  • Have attended the 5 UNBOX YOUR GREATNESS workshops
  • Have a valid Coaching qualification and Training experience
  • Have a healing modality qualification: Reiki, Magnified Healing or another.

6 Modules

MODULE 6: Practice, Case Studies

 1 Course – 1 day


Study long term with the Consciousness Academy and choose your healing qualification:

– Conscious Healing Practitioner

– Quantum Shift Facilitator


This program is designed for those who desire to learn 5 Dimensional healing modalities and techniques that are Heart based. In addition to the healing training, the course covers Transpersonal Coaching, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Business techniques that will support in creating a conscious holistic practice and team building.

6 Modules

MODULE 1: Unbox You

The first module gives you the foundation for your training and for the training that you will give others. We open and heal the Heart, this is the basis of all our work. Then work on wounds and past lives boundages. 

Learn to meditate and to incorporate meditation to your dailiy life. Learn the basis to start your own meditation practice and teach meditation to others.

Find your life purpose and get your life started with a new vision.

3 Courses – 2 and a half days

MODULE 2: Magnified Healing - Beginners

Learn this wonderful healing technique. Inmediately after the workshop, you will be able to heal yourself and others, change your DNA, remove Karma and heal the planet. 

After 11 days of continues practice, you will be able to start teaching it to others.

1 Course – 2 days

MODULE 3: Transpersonal Coaching

Learn the basics of Coaching so that you can serve your clients to the best of your abilities. Transpersonal Coaching gets to the core of the person, allowing you, as a healer, to assist in deep, personal transformation. Coaching is based in Love and Compassion. It accompanies the person to reach their maximum potential.

1 Course – 2 days

MODULE 4: Conscious Leadership & Conscious Business

Conscious Leadership is the solution for today´s world´s challenges. Embracing Conscious Leadership will allow you to lead your clients and your business with a holistic and ethical mindset that will set you appart from the rest.

Conscious Business can transform the world. You will learn how to start a Conscious Business or how to transform your current business into a Conscious Business.

1 Course – 2 days

MODULE 5: Magnified Healing - Advanced

Take your Magnified Healing techniques to the next level. Learn distance healing, how to make transplants, use the light beam to heal any conditions.

1 Course – 2 days

MODULE 6: Initiation to the Teachings of Isis

This is our signature course. It is only available for people who have completed all the previous modules and who are working towards certification.

Learn the Master Healing techniques from Isis. Learn how to use them. Obtain the initiation of Isis so that your healings are infused with the Goddess energies.

This is a sacred treat for you. You will learn Master Healer tools and secrets.

1 Course – 3 days



This is a six month online facilitated program for a team of up to 12 participants.

Our purpose is to help facilitate the quantum shift in individual and collective consciousness. This entails shifting collectively from the level of Fear to the level of Love.

The timeframe for this shift is five years. In other words, by 2022.

The main purpose is to learn how to exponentially increase your Power in order to help facilitate humanity’s transition into a more harmonious relationship with each other and the planet.

We cannot change the world by Force. But we can change the world through Power. To reach the required level of Power, we need at least 200 committed individuals in the program – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The purpose of the program is to help you to you:

  • Optimise your own individual power
  • Exponentially expand your power through connection with each other; and aligning with the Highest Powers
  • Enable World Leader to raise their power
  • Create your own group in your chosen niche

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How to get started

Have a look at the dates in our Upcoming Events page.

Register with us, decide how to pay for your course and book your dates with us and in your calendar.

Remember that the courses must be done in order, but speak to us if this is not possible.

If you have already done MH Beginners and Advanced, let us know, you will not need to do them again and the price for you will be less.

How to get started?

Get in touch with us if you are interested in studying Coaching with us.

Coaching is one of the most beautiful professions there are. With us, you will learn the Transpersonal Coaching techniques that John Withmore created. You will dig into the Conscious Leadership abilities that will be relevant in the future. You will become a Personal Coach and Organisational Coach.

Ready to get started?