I am delighted you found us.

At the Consciousness Academy we are on service to provide you with the tool, knowledge, wisdom and skills necessary to expand your Awareness and raise your Consciousness for the new Paradigm.

The Consciousness Academy is a place of learning; a place for expansion and the ultimate experience of this comes from the exploration of love, of unconditional love and also of forgiveness. 

This is a journey for you to explore both the love and forgiveness of the self, as well as love and forgiveness of others and for all living things. 

At the Consciousness Academy we offer ourselves to be of service to others and to assist in whatever ways we can to benefit all, through this we grow. 

Through this our hearts and our consciousness expands. For us it is a wonderful journey and one from which we never grow weary, it is our journey home and it is always perfect.


Our dream, our vision, is that everyone becomes a Conscious Leader. It is our Purpose to provide Conscious Learning, Conscious Services and Conscious Products to facilitate that. We provide a Coaching certification with Conscious Leadership that will assist you in becoming the Conscious Leader you wish to be.

With the Academy for Women Empowerment, we work with the Woman 4.0 and accompany her in a journey of self-discovery and growth into the Woman 5.0, the best version of herself.

With the Shambhala Trust, we create non-profit projects destines to increase your Conscious Knowledge and Wisdom. With the Global Consciousness Summit, we bring your Conscious Leaders from all over the world to inspire you and show you how they are changing the world and impacting change with their work and heart-felt missions.

It is our desire to serve you and facilitate whatever it is you need to raise up. Whether it is Coaching, Mentoring, Healing, Conscious Education, Conscious Services and Conscious Products, we are working to make the Consciouness Academy THE place for everything Conscious.

Contact us now and let us know how we can best serve you.

Gema Ramírez

Founder and Owner of the Consciousness Academy